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2 February 2023 in Latest news

Beth Suzanna

This half term, some of our young artists will be studying artist and illustrator Beth Suzanna who will be visiting Riverley soon. Thinking of this year's Griffin theme of family, we…
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31 January 2023 in Latest news

Library Visit with Reception

Each week, the children in Reception will have the opportunity to visit our local library.  Last week Nile Class spent part of their Friday afternoon exploring books, story language, sharing…
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“Riverley is where we believe ‘impossible’ is two letters too long! Everything is possible. We believe. We succeed. We achieve”



At Riverley, we aim to inspire an active generation of children who enjoy all aspects of Physical Education. We provide a safe and engaging environment for children to flourish in a range of activities, supporting each child’s physical, cognitive, social, health and wellbeing development. Our Physical Education Curriculum, along with PSHE and Science, teaches children about the importance of healthy living and learning about the need for good nutrition.

We believe in equipping our children with skills for the future. Our curriculum has been meticulously designed to provide a broad range of exciting topics. As facilitators of learning experiences, we encourage children to work collaboratively, to problem solve and develop their critical thinking skills. In Physical Education, we create an environment for the children which promotes a positive mind-set and resilience in the face of new challenges. Sportsmanship is a key element of Physical Education and in the world of competitive sports. We emphasise the importance of this and embed this within our culture and curriculum to promote life-long values of co-operation, collaboration and equity of play.

As innovators of learning experiences, we are keen to stay up to date with recent research and developments within the subject. We utilise research from recent studies, appropriate to our cohort of children, to inform the design, planning and delivery of our lesson and extra-curricular activities. As a result, our children value the importance of living an active life, every day, and have positive attitudes towards Physical Education and the sporting world. It is vital for us to provide a range of opportunities for the children to experience as much of the sporting world as possible through our lessons, clubs and our annual Proud Tradition, the Griffin Sports Festival. As well as supporting children at all levels in their learning journey, we strive for excellence for all, while also providing opportunities for children to reach their full potential, competitively.

Our aim is for children to learn how to stay safe when swimming and develop their technical skill when in the water to meet and exceed the National Curriculum requirements of swimming 25m by the end of Year 6.



The P.E curriculum is monitored by the subject lead to promote continuous improvement by reviewing, evaluating, sharing best practice as well as undertaking continuous professional development (CPD) to stay at the forefront of developments within the subject. Teachers are supported by the P.E lead with the planning and delivery of an engaging curriculum. Complete P.E as well as long and medium term plans is used to ensure that there is a breadth and depth to learning across all year groups.

The characteristics of effective learning, which we have rebranded as Learning in The Deep, also support the children’s ability to articulate their learning in P.E as they play and explore, develop active learning and think creatively and critically. As a result, our children value the process of their learning new skills as well as the outcome.

At Riverley, we understand that Physical Education is more than being physical. We begin every week with a Riverley Family active challenge which ensures the development of the mind, body and soul. Physical Education develops the children’s understanding of the ‘Physical Me, Cognitive Me, Social Me and Healthy Me’. As we delve into all aspects of the curriculum, we enable all children to feel success and make excellent progress in a range of sporting activities.

At Riverley, we provide extra opportunities for targeted groups of children to achieve highly in Physical Education. Our priority is to ensure all children of all abilities reach their full potential through an extensive range of extra-curricular activities and competitive opportunities. All children have weekly access to both virtual and in –school sporting clubs. Children develop skills in curling, sitting volleyball, boiccia and archery in addition to more main stream sports. Children love having access to this wide range of sports throughout the week and have a positive attitude towards their learning.

We broaden the children’s horizons with competitive games throughout the year. Our Proud Tradition, the Griffin Sports Festival, gives our children the opportunity to meet like-minded Griffins to play an array of sporting activities. Great occasions such as the Olympics and Commonwealth Games are replicated across our Griffin community to create a sense of unity and passion for all things sport. Our children represent their school with pride and ambition as their extended family gather to explore the world of sport.

The children at Riverley enjoy collaborating with our collegiate team in East London, where we work together to devise and deliver sporting events across all the schools. The children feel a sense of pride, competing in their house teams, Endeavour, Trinity, Phoenix and Illuminate, utilising fantastic quality resources from all three, East London, Griffin Schools.

At Riverley, we believe that all of our children are leaders and so, our Physical Education pupil leadership team, including a family representative, provides opportunities for our children to develop leadership skills through a variety of projects associated with ensuring High Achievement, Establishing Proud Traditions and Widening Horizons for our entire school community.

As well as our Griffin partnerships, we have built links with our local community and are proud of our partnership with Leyton Orient Football Club. This renowned club have supported our children’s learning through team teaching opportunities with our teachers over the years. The team at Leyton Orient Football Club have worked alongside the P.E team at Riverley to inspire an open-minded, ambitious generation, raising sporting aspirations as well as taking pride in their local community. Through of this partnership, we have worked with many other prominent organisations such as, Tottenham Hotspurs Football Club and the JE3 Foundation, who, together, taught the children the importance of life-saving skills.



Our children leave Riverley with a sense of belonging, championing our Riverley values of Creativity, Ambition, Responsibility and Empathy.

Each child displays a confident and positive attitude towards sports, taking that powerful knowledge into the outside world as they continue to grow. The children demonstrate honourable sportsmanship, not only in school, but also around the community and forever more. They lead an active lifestyle, never shying away from physical activities, but showing resilience as they continue to strengthen their abilities, promote health and wellbeing and showcase their talents and passion for sport.

Our children feel empowered with the knowledge that when, ‘they believe, they succeed and will always achieve!’ They become leaders of the next generation, championing their learning from Riverley Primary.

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