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22 September 2022 in Latest news

Feel Fit Friday – Non School Uniform

Riverley will be celebrating 'Feel Fit Friday' on 23 September 2022, as some of our Riverley Family members are racing in the Berlin Marathon this coming weekend.  In support, we will be in non school uniform and wearing sports…
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9 September 2022 in Latest news

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 1926-2022

We are saddened to hear of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and our thoughts are with her family during this time. Our family of schools will be…
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7 September 2022 in Latest news

Welcome Back

We are very keen to welcome our Riverley Family this Autumn Term
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The Griffin Schools Trust (GST) is a family of primary and secondary schools in the Midlands and the South East of England. We are committed to providing an outstanding independent-style education for all students, predicated on breadth and excellence.


All schools provide a rich programme of free extra-curricular activities, create an involving and stimulating physical environment and build a staff team of interesting people who are motivated to advance their own knowledge and skills as well as their pupils’ achievement.

GST schools do not teach young people to know their place, but rather to discover their talents and passions and to take their places in society, making a difference through leadership and service wherever their futures may take them.


Curriculum at Riverley

The curriculum we offer at Riverley includes experiences which meets and extends beyond
the requirements outlined in the National Curriculum. Our curriculum has suitable depth
and breadth, building on prior experiences and learning – to help make sense of new
knowledge and skills. It is rooted in the solid consensus that every individual at Riverley is
determined to provide children with the tools required to take advantage of opportunities,
responsibilities and experiences of later life – powerfully overcoming any social

We teach using a topic-based approach but also ensure that we give sufficient focus to each
subject discipline. The high-quality curriculum that we offer has been carefully crafted to
give consideration to the sequence of content necessary for children to make exceptional
progress. For example, we provide children with the knowledge they need for subsequent
learning through planned vocabulary development and provide pupils with opportunities to
enhance their critical thinking skills by asking thought-provoking ‘big- thinking’ questions.

Our curriculum reflects our local context and needs and as a whole school, we have
implemented Learning in the Deep (modelled on the characteristics of effective learning).
Through this approach, we ensure our children develop their ability to remain resilient in the
face of challenge and display characteristics of curious, motivated, self-reflective life-long
learners. Children display characteristics of an ‘I know Octopus’ when communicating prior
knowledge and skills and characteristics of a ‘Slinky-Linky Sea-Snake’ when make links
between concepts developing their long-term memory. ‘Learning in the Deep’ also develops
children both personally and pastorally.

Our children evaluate their learning behaviours in terms of their goals which enhances their
self-satisfaction and motivation as they continue to improve their methods of learning –
leading them to them being able to know more, do more, and remember more.

Subject leaders have created detailed, long and medium terms for every subject area. In this
way, our curriculum intent is embedded securely and consistently across our school. Our
teachers have a firm and common understanding of our curriculum and what it means for
their practice. Across all parts of the school, series of lessons contribute well to delivering our
curriculum intent and creative work given to pupils is carefully planned to provide learning
experiences in engaging, cross-curricular innovative and inspiring ways. As a result, our
children love to learn and produce work of an exceptional quality and are well prepared for
the next stage of their education.

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