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Year 1

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Year 1 Challenge Time: Art

This morning the Year 1 families took part in their bi-weekly Challenge Time.  Focussing on Art, the families created 3D sculptures in the style of Samantha Stephenson; an Australian artist…
23 January 2023
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The Harry Potter Riverley Experience

The Riverley Family were delighted with an absolute extravaganza today.  Our doors opened for non-stop performances of The Harry Potter Riverley Experience. Every year group had the opportunity to perform…
14 July 2022
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GAF 2022: The Great Griffin Weave

Alongside Willow Brook and Lammas, Riverley worked together to create The Great Griffin Weave.  Every children contributed by weaving a ribbon through a large loom, celebrating this years Griffin Arts…
30 June 2022
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Olympic Park with Year 1

Year 1 visited Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for a Geography / forest school focus trip.  They monitored traffic and collected data on what they saw in our local area.  After,…
22 June 2022
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Year 1 Science

Year 1 spent the afternoon using a range of resources to build bridges.  They had to explore the different structures, thinking about what would hold and what would be a…
19 May 2022